A big Saturday (family)

15 seconds of fame: Saturday, our kids’ school outing (from last week) was featured on KTN, one of the two biggest TV stations in Nairobi. They interviewed some of the kids including Nicholas. Our kids seemed to be front and center in almost every shot. I guess it’s not every day that they see a wazungus as part of a normal Kenyan school outing. One shot had Kiara’s face getting painted and filling up the whole screen. It’s the biggest brush with fame we’ve had since Leïla and I were on all the major French TV networks for her new crèche (nursery), and Christi was interviewed in Femme Actuelle (magazine).

Saturday was mainly a big, big day for Christi. She started by

taking the girls to an all-morning farewell party for all the departing NEGST kids. Christi really enjoyed playing the part of the man beaten by the robbers in the Good Samaritan skit. She hammed it up, and some of the kids were really concerned about her getting beaten up so badly – “Mama Kiara! Mama Kiara!” Kiara on the other hand, was quite proud of her mother’s great acting. After enjoying an extra hour alone with Liam – eating breakfast together and jumping on the Simpson’s mini trampoline, I biked down to the library and heard lots of joyful sounds coming from the chapel. Later I looked out the window and saw Leïla running around in the grass with all her friends – happy as happy can be.

Christi had to leave the party early to go bake a chocolate cake for the afternoon’s activities. All the WOW women (Mary Ogalo, Fortuna, Jecinta, etc.) got themselves together and threw a big appreciation party for all the house helpers. It was long, with all the perfunctory speeches, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Christi was the designated photographer.

Our futures: One of the senior NEGST faculty couples here took us out for dinner on Saturday night, and talked about some exciting future possibilities for us at NEGST after I finish my dissertation.


Dis is my brodda: Sunday turned out to be a pretty busy day too. Church, lunch at Auntie Beth’s house meeting a few other Americans in Kenya, and taking Simon to the airport – his final farewell. A couple of friends came along with Liam and I, and after I dropped them back off at home, Liam was happily running around with all his playmates while I picked up a few things from our student apartment.


(We are house sitting off-campus this month.) As I was loading up the car, Liam walked up with his friend Tut (Toot – French “u”), from Southern Sudan. Liam grabbed Tut’s hand, and looked up at me the biggest grin on his face said, “Dis is my brodda.”

It was one of those touching, precious moments that will be forever ingrained in my memory.

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