3 thoughts on “If you want to become truly impressive . . .

  1. Ranger says:

    I guess “impressive” is relative. There are some people I know who fit this description and have focused intensely on small topics in small fields for most of their lives. They are experts on these topics, but due to their “exclusion of other activities” they are only experts in this topic and know little to nothing about the wider field of study, much less other topics more relevant to living.

    I know this sounds cruel, but many times their intense studying has been at the cost of giving up much of their social lives and while they are smart, they are often lacking in relationships.

    So I guess in one sense they are “impressive,” but it doesn’t always lead to a healthy or even meaningful lifestyle.

  2. Ben says:

    You are absolutely right. I sometimes use this thought to remind myself that I don’t actually want to be “impressive.” But for something like a dissertation that will be “impressive enough” for a review committee, I probably need to focus on it for a long period of time, to the exclusion of other activities.

    It at least serves as a reality check; it makes you think about whether you really want to be impressive or not.

  3. jennifer says:

    exactly true what has been said above ..though a person should b impressive in front of others, he or she should not seem as dull n dumb bt d one fact s also tat even if sum1 s s less talkative it doesnt mean d person s duffer ..its all abt the character which is differently adopted by the different different personality.sumtimes i too wonder as m nt so impressive in d eyes of others as i talk less compared 2 others .so people consider me as introvert ..bt i personally feel as one shud b impressive first in d eyes of oneself then think of others.,..and tat too by acquiring knowledge from differnt sources and by applying it …..

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