racial assumptions

A great little story about a visit to church followed by this conclusion –  Judging a book by is racial cover (Everyday Sociologist)

. . . This Easter Sunday experience was a great lesson in how prejudice works: Using the information we have, based on our often narrow personal experiences, we decide where someone fits in the world. Those prejudices may take the form of race, class, gender, sexual orientation or any other lens that we choose to wear. Also, context matters.

[My own story]: When we lived in Paris, my pastor – black and muscular – visited us from the US. After lunch at a corner café, the waiter came up and handed him the bill. Though he was my guest and I happened to be paying that day, we both remarked that someone finally recognized that the older more distinguished gentleman is the more likely one to be paying the bill (after all he is the one with two masters degress and a PhD.)  I can’t tell you how many times we had eaten out in the US on his dime, but the waiters handed me the bill because I was white. France has it’s own set of racial issues, but this French waiter got it right.

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