A friend wraps it up here – final reflections.

An American friend of mine, Simon Cunningham, graduates tomorrow after three years here. Check out his blog for some of his final reflections. Two of my favorites:

Has your head departed for where it is not? Has your mind left for the time that is coming? I am pulling your sleeve. I am telling you, “look”, because there is so much to address before its over. This will finalize better if you’re present. I know you are nervous and a bit wary of what’s coming, and I know its easier to walk unattached in the world, because that way you remain less spent, your sleeves less soiled, and your heart will leave far less responsible. But the time to come is going to be more solid if you live this moment more fully. Splash cold water on your face, lift your head up, and bear down the stairs outside. Be in bed on time. Go to dinner when you know they’ll be there. Invite your friend for breakfast. Ask about how nervous they are regarding the insane Christian jobmarket. Pray with them about that. There is so much to be done. Two weeks are short, but its still two weeks of a place that you will miss when its gone.

knowing things takes time

The longer I spent here, the more meals I ate, the more I rode the public transports, the further I explored the local roads, the longer I stared at the world around me – the more I came to see the variety within this world.

Vincent cooks ugali soft. Tom makes it gritty. Matatus on Ngong 111 are pretty nice, even with the obnoxious flat panel TVs of booty music. The matatus on Dagoretti road are hideous, and sometimes you cannot close the sliding door if the van has stopped on a slant. The restrooms at Javahouse are sparkling new, and those at Sixems are essentially a bucket. The Americans drink coffee with sugar, the Brits drink tea without. Crime is rampant on Ngong past dark. In Karen it is safer.

Knowing things take time. Living somewhere without being crazy takes time. Knowing what to say in a sermon, to your classmates, or to that troubled friend takes time. Knowing how to make jokes in a new place takes time. Things take time.

Check out more of his reflections here.

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