Are your stocks taking a hit? Try the high performing African market!

Here’s a tip from the Washington Post (Sun., 6 July):

It used to be that when the U.S. economy sneezed, the rest of the world caught a cold. Today, with globalization, everybody has a pretty bad flu — except for Africa . . .

. . . Africa today is a fast-moving continent that has made tremendous changes. And yet we in the West cling to age-old stereotypes that undermine confidence in its markets. Africa needs to be able to compete fairly for investment funds, because trade and investment are the only sustainable way out of poverty. And the rest of the world needs to take a new look at the continent, because trust me, we’re missing out on some great deals. . .

. . . Who knows how long Africa’s current bull run will last? But one thing is certain: Africa’s the last big investment frontier. If you missed China and India, don’t miss this one.

For more details, full article

See also here to link to Investing in Africa

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