[Disclaimer: I hesitate to post some of these types of articles because they can give my Western friends a distorted view of life in Africa. Still, these are realities lurking behind the scenes; anyone who lives on the coast will know exactly what this article is talking about.]

From today’s Crazy Monday Magazine (Standard) Evil Exploits of Invisible People:

It’s open season again for stranger-than-fiction stories. In the coastal town of Mombasa, the talk is about spirits (djinns) that take on human and animal forms. Said to possess supernatural powers, these spirits are able to beat people, rape or sodomise them, or just make life miserable for them. Some will take on the form of long-dead people. Others will promise and even bring wealth in return for the life of a family member.

While many will be tempted to wave away such stories as old women’s tales, people who claim to have encountered djinns have chilling stories to tell. The coastal strip is believed to be a favourite haunt of these spirits, the main reason, according to some Islam preachers, being the Indian Ocean. . .

Read the whole article, Evil Exploits of Invisible People, for some crazy and even sickening stories.

One thought on “djinns

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