African Americans can teach the global church about reconciliation

Christianity Today has a post on Rick Warren’s PEACE Plan, “a global strategy to fight poverty, disease, and corruption” and his addition of “reconciliation” to the plan – Rebooting PEACE. Regardless of what you think of Rick Warren’s Africa mission, Bryan Crute, senior pastor of Destiny Metro Worship Church, a black megachurch in Atlanta makes an important suggestion.

Crute told Christianity Today that African Americans have much to teach the global church about reconciliation. “When you look at the potential for African Americans to redemptively use their history to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ, it is an opportunity that is largely ignored and overlooked. When will we use our history of slavery to export the gospel? I have forgiven whites for how they have treated my ancestors.”

Crute said church leaders should view racism as just one aspect of reconciliation. He said reconciliation is about bridging the gap between God and man, resolving economic injustice and poverty, and healing broken families. . .

Read the whole CT post here.

Almost all of whatever helpful insights I’ve been able to pass on to my Kenyan friends comes directly from my African American mentors. Many of the things my Kenyan friends are teaching me about reconciliation jive with what those mentors had been trying to teach me before.

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