UPDATE: The NEGST Letter is now housed HERE

Over the last couple of months, Christi has volunteered to help create The NEGST Letter, a monthly newsletter highlighting happenings in and around NEGST. The newsletter was her idea; she designed it and edits it. Along with Kavita Muoka, NEGST’s new director of Communications and Development, she supervises a team of students and staff who come up with story ideas and write the articles.

Here are some highlights from May’s NEGST Letter: [Click on Headings for full stories.]

NEGST student organizes camp for internally for internally displaced people.

Meet Christopher Ngugi Wanaina, a first year NEGST student pursuing an MA in missions. . . .

Image. . . With the onset of the post-election violence, Karura Community Chapel began hosting three hundred internally displaced people (IDPs)—95 adults and 205 children—within the first week of January. By the second week, the number had doubled! Chris was responsible for leading a team of volunteers and church workers to offer the IDPs shelter, food and counselling and to help them resettle. Creating time for school work while responding to the increasing needs at the church was a herculean task.

“There was a day I slept for only 3 hours.” He says. “Listening to the agonizing stories of the people was very emotionally challenging. I felt duty bound to help one man. So we left Nairobi at 8:00pm for Nakuru, just to be back the next day by 2:00pm in time for a quiz at NEGST! This was among the most challenging times.” . . .


QUOTE: A Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned

“Learning to read the New Testament in its original written language–Greek—has helped me clarify meaning that may be blurred or utterly missed by some Bible translations. It is an opportunity for me to appreciate the gist of the texts. It is not just a scholarly exercise but a heart-warming experience as well.”

– David Muturi, first year MDiv student in biblical studies; learned in Greek 2, taught by Dr. Margaret Sim

Image NEGST student addresses crowd in Uganda More than 300 students from Ugandan universities gathered in Entebbe for an Easter missions camp. NEGST MA in missions student Dennis Kilama, who works as a resource person for the Fellowship of Christian Unions (FOCUS), addressed three plenary sessions on the topics “What is mission?” and “How to organize an effective evangelistic outreach”, under the global theme “Who shall we send?”.The first year at NEGST changed Den…

Image Paul Kato sends a library to campus primary schoolPistis (Faith) School, the NEGST campus nursery and primary school, received an entire container full of hundreds of boxes of library books, textbooks, computers and numerous other gifts from Paul and Gwen Kato. Paul Kato, son of NEGST founder Byang Kato, now lives in the U.S. with his wife Gwen. When the two of them visited NEGST last year, Paul decided that he wanted to impact the next generation of Christian leaders, which is clearly the goal at Pistis….
To get the full effect of the design newsletter click – The NEGST Letter [Note: the content of this link should be changing monthly.]

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