Links of the Day – 13 May 2008

What’s really happening in Myanmar – a first-hand account (JT)

As they were sitting in the airport waiting to board their plane they saw the international aid arrive on big planes. Then they saw the army’s helicopters arrive, fill up with loot and fly away. They promptly came back after 30 minutes to fill up again. Others confirmed that the aid went to a government warehouse. On Myanmar TV and maybe on your own TV you have seen the military distributing aid. However, confirmed reports are that when the cameras go off, the military takes the food and medicine back and leaves. . . [and more]

Black Ethnicity: Foreign-Born in America. “All black people in America are not African Americans. . . ” Ethnicity in all its complexity serves as a reminder that race is not all that matters. She links to this great NYTimes graphic on worldwide immigration trends.

A brief the timeline of major blogging engines. (White African)

Evangelical Manifesto” (download the pdf)? (a critique and lists of critiques)

Mark Goodacre’s series on Orality and Literacy. April DeConick responds on The Forbidden Gospels Blog, What is Orality? and Loren Rosson’s chimes in on The Busybody)

Follow the Steps of Paul tour – (with great pictures; Ferrell Jenkins; not banned in Turkey after all)

Everything on the web in April about the early church fathers – Patristics Carnival 11 (more than I could read.)

Electric Shock Therapy Interpretation (Free Association; Bailey via Kruse). These could get really funny if we thought about it.

Antidote: The foundational principle of interpretation is this: “Try to discover what the original author intends for his readers or the original speaker for his listeners.”

Should we analyze types of Christians? (Brad Wright)

. . . “depends” Types might also be useful in devising church programs or outreach.

. . . Perhaps it’s less important whether we use types than it is that we use them well.[Stay tuned]

Learning Greek – Greek Roundup

Judging a book by the scholar promoting it. (Bingo! I knew exactly who he was talking about before the comments spilled the beans. – Tilling)

1968, A Year in Crisis: Evangelical Churches Then and Now – Alumni symposium held at Wheaton College regarding the evangelical church of the past 40 years – a conversation between Nathan Hatch, Mark Noll, and John Piper (all of whom graduated from Wheaton in 1968). (Thanks: JT)

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