Different “types” of Christians

Brad Wright has started what looks to be an interesting series on different types of Christians. He begins . . .

Several recent studies of Christians have taken the approach of using data to create “types” of Christians, and this seems like a good issue to go into depth with, so I’ll post a several part series on it. Basically: Is it worthwhile for empirical studies of Christians to differentiate between different types of Christians.

Today I would like to review several studies that have done so.

1) The Reveal Study identifies six segments of growing in Christ, and these segments are discussed as types of people.

Exploring Christianity – “I believe in God but I’m not sure about Christ”
Growing in Christ – “I am working on getting to know Jesus”
Close to Christ – “I feel really close to Christ and depend on him daily”
Christ-Centered – “Everything that I do is a reflect of Christ”
Stalled – “I believe in Christ but I haven’t grown much lately”
Dissatisfied – “My faith is central to me, but my church is letting me down”

2) Christianity Today, via Leadership Journal, produced a study creating a five-part typology Christians. . . .

Click here to read the rest of his opening post.

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