Mid-week roundup (Africa & the world)

A teacher sacrifices his life for a student in a terrible New Zealand tragedy – see also here. (Thanks: BJ.)

“In the most traumatic moment of his life, in fact the last moment of his life, he’s still doing and saying exactly what he was doing and saying the previous Saturday and the previous week.”

Our prayers are with the grieving families.

The African Origins of our faith: Review by Scot McKnight – Part 1, Part 2 (see comments too)

Why Africa’s poverty is only artificial: Africa’s creative economy (Business Daily).

Techpreneurs in Kenya, A PDF document by Business Daily that discusses some of the brilliant young entrepreneurs and their ideas in Kenya. Here’s the PDF for download (Thanks: White African)

“Why Africa May Never Produce a Microsoft, Google, Yahoo or Facebook” [Not-for-a while might be better than “never”. ] An interesting article that discusses the challenge that young college-level entrepreneurs face in Africa. (Thanks again: White African)

Wisdom of Joe on US Tax Rebates.

Situation A: To stimulate the economy, the U.S Government asks everyone to take $1,200 out of their pocket and spend it on consumer goods.

Situation B: To stimulate the economy, the U.S Government takes $1,200 out of everyone’s pockets, gives it back to them, and then asks them to spend it on consumer goods.

Me: I filed, but we didn’t owe any any taxes this year (naturally). Still, today a letter from the Department of Treasury showed up in my mailbox here in Nairobi, “Economic Stimulus Payment Notice.” My neighbors and I will be eating someone else’s pocket money.

A rootless MK checks out his vanishing roots.

Nominees for the 2008 Groove Awards [Kenya] have been announced. I recognize 25 of the names. (I started to say two until I read the names more closely.) Tthere are 22 categories of six names each. Six of the names I recognized were nominees for the “Peace Award” alone. But hey, I’m improving; I do know who DJ Moz and Njugush are. ;-). If you played me a clip some of the music along with these names I’d recognize a more. The Kenyan Christian Music scene is where it’s at – “the bomb” as my younger sister used to say.

Every Meal is a Sacrifice (Washington Post 28 April 2008.)

Even before he took a butcher knife to the she-goat’s throat, Likbir Ould Mohamed Mahmoud knew it would only make things worse. The goat was a living bounty in this parched city on the Sahara’s edge, providing the sweet milk that filled his family’s stomachs at breakfast time. But as soaring food prices worldwide have hit the poorest nations of Africa the hardest, he has been forced to join many of his neighbors in slaughtering or selling off one of their only sources of wealth — their livestock.

PS – I’m too sick about Zimbabwe to even think about it.

2 thoughts on “Mid-week roundup (Africa & the world)

  1. Jackie Gowa says:

    We have finally been able to publish the winners for the Groove Awards on our website. Do check if your favourite nominees won.

  2. Ben says:

    Thanks, Jackie. I’ll check it out.

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