Addressing Ethnocentrism 2: Questions to ask yourself and your organization?

In a post last week, I highlighted some practical ways to begin addressing ethnocentrism that we have worked on together here. Here are some personal and organizational questions to help us get started. (I/we)

[Maybe some of these work for denominational and theological fights too.]


  • Am I being honest about how I feel and my own biases? Have I admitted and confessed them?
  • Am I willing to truly repent and make concrete changes in behavior and thinking?
  • Am I pretending to be neutral or that I don’t have any problems? (We all have them)
  • What are my own prejudices?
  • Who are my friends? Who do I usually talk to?
  • How do I talk about other groups?
  • Do I use stereotypes or code words?
  • How do I respond when my friends talk about other groups?
  • What do my children learn from me?
  • Does my lifestyle promote justice?
  • Am I proactively breaking down barriers?

Organizational Analysis

  • Is there diversity in leadership? In hiring?
  • Do our structures encourage diversity?
  • Are other ethnic identities encouraged and affirmed?
  • How are funds and resources distributed?
  • Is ethnic and economic justice taught?
  • Are we modeling the family of God?

In relationship to churches, Mark DeYmaz gives Seven Core Commitments of a Multi-ethnic Church: (Mosaix Global Network)

  1. Embrace dependence: determine to trust God to provide financially and spiritually.
  2. Take intentional steps: make changes to attract people outside the majority demographic.
  3. Empower diverse leadership: multi-ethnic churches require multi-ethnic staff.
  4. Develop cross-cultural relationships: work through awkwardness to develop true friendships.
  5. Pursue cross-cultural competence: learn to be sensitive to cultural differences.
  6. Promote a spirit of inclusion: commit to being comfortable being uncomfortable.
  7. Mobilize for impact: take steps to minister to the greater community and make disciples.

Thanks: Brandon O’Brien Leadership Off the Agenda – [Accessed 22 April 2008]

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