The 3 stages of malaria

This is in honor of World Malaria Day (Malaria Consortium) and especially all of you who have have survived malaria. I don’t remember where I got these stages (my mom probably), but from experience, I can attest to their reality.

Stage 1: You are afraid your are going to die.

Stage 2: You hope you die.

Stage 3: You are afraid you are not going to die.

The three real stages of malaria:

The first stage is characterized by uncontrollable shivering for an hour or two. In the next stage, the patient’s temperature rises quickly. It may reach 106°F (41°C) for a period of up to six hours. In the third stage, the patient begins to sweat profusely, and his or her temperature drops rapidly.

I’m glad that this deadly killer is getting attention these days.

8 thoughts on “The 3 stages of malaria

  1. Thelma says:

    Thanx Ben for that message. Its very true that many have turned up to fight the used to be called ”killer disease”.there is alot of teaching in the villages about protection againast mosquito bites. pple have learnt how to use Mosquito Nets,Cutting bushes around their home steads,distroying broken pots around thier homes, to matoin bt few.

  2. Thelma says:

    Follow-up comments via email are wellocome.

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  4. malaria stage same as rigor these are-(A)COLD,

    • rahul says:

      now a days sign symptoms of malaria are changing no shiver cold it just weakness, diaorrohea,pain abdoman,etc


  6. parag madhyan says:

    what we can da if malaria is there,which medicine to be taken

  7. parag madhyan says:

    what can we do if malaria is there

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