A good-news bad-news kind of a morning

Good News: The opposing sides of government finally agreed on a cabinet. (Nation, Standard, NY Times)

Bad News:

[From a security alert I just received]. This morning we wake up with the news that “MUNGIKI” (a notorious gang/sectWiki ) was rioting all around Nairobi over the killing of the wife of Maina Njenga. (Maina Njenga is the leader of the sect group now serving a five-year jail term. ) They are demanding that Maina be released from prison to go and bury his wife.

Most of the roads are affected as police try to contain the situation. The group seems to be targeting public vehicles. We advice that you avoid going out of campus at the moment. If it is a must you go, avoid public transport where necessary.

You can probably read all about it in tomorrow’s papers [Nation, Standard]. I suspect part of this is also just a “show of force” to make sure people still fear them.

I tried to go pick up Njeri this morning from a town a couple of kilometers away, but got turned back because they were burning tires on the road right before the town. We suggested that Njeri just go back home till everything cooled down, but she walked the back way along the railroad tracks, and I picked her up further up the road. What a lady! (And this with her 11 year old son in the rain.)

All in a day’s work.

UPDATE: Sounds like the police got everything under control within a few hours.

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