Teach in Africa for a summer or sabbatical

ABC University in Liberia, West Africa is an ideal location for those who want the cross-cultural experience of teaching in the African context. ABC faculty ad

Del Chinchen, president of ABC Liberia and one of my most respected mentors wrote me this in an e-mail yesterday:

Becky and I are busily restoring the ABC University campus in Yekepa. With the help of Samaritans Purse we will have 10 buildings completed by the time we are ready to reopen Sept. 1.

Restoring buildings on the campus is one need. Another need — and that is why I am writing you — is faculty. We will be offering B.A. degrees in Biblical Studies, Communications and Education and will need qualified faculty in those areas beginning in September. Soon we hope to launch into a Masters degree program which will require additional faculty with Doctorate degrees. Could you please post the attached advertisement on NEGST’s E-Board and circulate it in other ways with the prayer that God would send faculty to ABC University who would be interested in serving for a summer, a sabbatical, a year or even join the faculty full time?

Thank you for any assistance you can provide in this faculty search.

For further information e-mail
or see the website: www.abcliberia.org

[Full e-mail]

. . . ABC University is strategically located in Liberia to train Christian leaders of integrity and moral character. The 12-year war in Liberia has devastated this country tearing apart the moral fabric of society. The first woman president in Africa, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, is attempting to develop good governance by establishing transparent structures within the Liberian government. This is a strategic time for ABC University to inject back into society men and women of integrity and moral character who will fill leadership roles in the country.

Our desire is to have an international faculty of both Africans and Westerners so as to prepare students for the global world we live in. As we work, live and teach in harmony and respect for one another we are communicating God’s universal, impartial love. Liberia, and Africa as a whole, is an ideal place to develop a cross-cultural understanding of the diverse world in which we live preparing students to participate in the global scene.

ABC University offers degrees in Biblical Studies, Education and Communications.

For further information e-mail
or see the website: www.abcliberia.org

Del Chinchen, PhD
President, ABC University

Thank you for any assistance you can provide in this faculty search.

This is where I grew up. (Our old house is about 50 yards up to the right – out of the picture.)

What strikes me about this picture? The palm trees are about four times as tall as I remember them, and it’s very strange to see these buildings without roofs. My beloved mountains are still there.

5 thoughts on “Teach in Africa for a summer or sabbatical

  1. Jim says:

    that sounds fun

  2. Drew says:

    I can absolutely guarantee you that this would be something my wife and I would unhesitatingly do if our kids were a bit older. We spent a little time in Ethiopia and would go back to Africa in a heartbeat.

    And the picture of the chapel looks almost identical to a little Anuak chapel in Gambela…

  3. Ben says:

    Jim, It would be good for you too . . . if Africa didn’t drive you crazy first. Someone like you might scare them though. 🙂

    Drew, It could be a great place for two little boys, but . . . transitions are another story. Sounds like you are due for some exposure to other Africas as well. Each side of the continent has its own character.

  4. Dan Lloyd says:

    I just finished teaching a three-week block session at ABCU in Yekepa (July 2009). It was an amazing experience. The students are very eager to learn and highly motivated to do their best.

    Samaritan’s Purse is doing an outstanding job of rebuilding the campus.

    If you can’t go to the school to teach, then you might want to consider providing some scholarship money so the students can continue with their education.

    • Ben says:

      Thanks for posting here, Dan. My family is staying with Charisa this week, and she told us how far you go back. I’m hoping to back there some day when I’m done with my studies.

      I hope someone takes you up on your idea of scholarships. It doesn’t take that much money to help empower someone to make a huge difference in Liberia.

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