love & happiness; a new parenting trick

I went home at lunch today and found my two girls (8 and 4) crying and arguing. (Christi had gone to visit the next door neighbor). As soon as they saw me they both started making their appeals to me – lots of crying and whining.

Normally, we try to find ways of getting them to sort it out themselves.  This time, I just sang in my best opera imitation . . . “Loooove AAAnnd Haaappiiiiineeesssss.”

That stopped them in their tracks for a brief second, then they picked up right where they had left off.

So I sang it again, “LOOOOVVVVEEE Aaaaand Haapiiiiineeesssssss.”

I could see that I had made a little more progress, but they were not to be so easily dissuaded, so I tried one last time. LOOOVE AND HAAAPINESSSSSSS!!!!!

This time they couldn’t help themselves, they burst out laughing, gave each other a hug, and started playing happily as if nothing had ever happened.

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