Christi finally takes the plunge

She’s seen thousands of them. Millions of Kenyans from all walks of life ride in them every day, but that first ride is always a special rite of passage for every muzungu. Believe it or not, Christi had never ridden in a matatu. . . until yesterday. I know it’s hard to believe; we’ve been here nearly three years. (She’s actually been in a chartered matatu before, but not the pay-your-own-fare-risk-your-own-life type.) Matatus

She was in the garment district downtown yesterday to help her mother pick out upholstery fabric and took a matatu back to where she had parked the car.

So here’s a toast to another family milestone ;-).
Matatu - Uganda

PS – this picture is actually from Uganda (thanks whoever you are). My sister, and every foreign visitor to Kenya probably has a better one, but I don’t have time to chase them down. More pictures here.

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