Machine guns at church

During the sermon Sunday, my eyes wandered off to the side opening of our huge church tent. There, I saw a security guard walking by with a large black metal box followed by two machine-gun-carrying policemen in green fatigues. At first, I didn’t give it a second thought; then I realized that this is just one of those things that strikes you when you first arrive, but doesn’t even register after a while. Since gangs in the past have targeted church offerings, all the big churches have armored cars whisk the offering away as soon as it is collected and counted. My sister tells me that in Cape Town, one of the armored cars was even commandeered and robbed.

One Sunday, Liam (2) wandered into the small tent where they were counting the offering. Christi cautiously poked her head in and asked, “Is it okay if come in to get my son?”

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