Holding our breath for Zimbabwe

During our service at church this Sunday, we took time out to pray for Zimbabwe. “. . . that Kenya would be the last country in Africa to have this kind of post-election violence.” With each day delaying the result announcement, my stomach knots up more and more for them. The closest I’ve ever been to Zimbabwe is Malawi, and I don’t actually know (well) anyone from Zimbabwe, but this situation feels very close to home. Opposition leading early results, delayed results . . . Even when the “big man” himself is willing to step down, sometimes those around them can’t fathom giving up power. I suppose one advantage they seem have over Kenya is that their politics aren’t as tied up with ethnicity as they were here (at least with what little I know). Still, a lot of lives are at stake.

Let’s keep praying for Zimbabwe.

The anxious wait
Zimbabwe bloggers react

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