Changing cultures, Satan, CS Lewis, DA Carson (Links – Thurs 27 March)

Want to change deeply entrenched cultural behaviors in a hurry? Try a powerful rumor. (On Fear and Flies)

Families are no longer waiting for the age of near-puberty . . They are cutting boys as young as 1 year, who will never remember the cultural significance. Why? The power of rumor. Everyone believes there is a new fly that has invaded the district and bites uncircumcised males in a very sensitive place, causing irreparable damage.

Despite what your English translations tell you, there is no Satan in the book of Job; the original Hebrew only refers to an accuser. (HT: Lingamish)

Good C.S. Lewis sites

A biographical sketch of D.A. Carson – 10 page pdf (HT: Justin Taylor via Michael Bird.)

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