Kalonzo Musyoka Interview (Christianity Today)

Interview by S. Mairori | posted 3/14/2008 09:05AM

The vice president of Kenya since January, Musyoka ran for the presidency unsuccessfully in 2007.

Click this link for the full interview. (It’s short – only two more questions than I’ve posted here.)

How has the church in Kenya influenced national affairs?

The church is divided. Amazingly, the church is running the risk of losing its core mandate—standing for the truth in the spirit of Jesus Christ. But bishops have begun to preach healing and reconciliation.

. . .

What sacrifices need to be made now?

I have no doubt in my mind God loves Kenya. But we will need to have leaders commit themselves to national peace and cohesion, and that can only happen in a new political dispensation, reflected in a new constitution.

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