Kenya’s big killer

Last year road crashes killed 2530 people! (Yesterday’s Standard print edition).

According to the Kenya Roads Roard website:

Kenya ranked the 5th highest number of accidents per licensed vehicles out of 29 selected countries worldwide according to a research carried out by the UK Transport Research Laboratory (TRRL) in 1986. Unfortunately, road safety trends in Kenya are worsening.

The reported accidents have continued to rise from 10300 recorded in 1990 to 13900 in 2000 representing an average growth rate of 3% per annum. During the same period, vehicle population grew by an average of 0.8% from 350,000 to 530,000.

The number of fatalities from road accidents rose from 1850 in 1990 to 2830 in 2000 comprising:

*Pedestrians, 40%

* Passengers, 40%

* Drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, 20%

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