Images of rural Africa and saving generous lives

Sights in Rural Africa:
Dr. Jennifer Myhre, Rural, Western Uganda writes: “We’ve just had a spate of visitors and I find myself challenged to see this world from their fresh perspective. So I kept my eyes out for sights that have become normal to me, but which I really should appreciate:”

  • Six people riding one motorcycle. Yes, six. Most SUV’s in the US don’t even drive around with six people. They were expertly arranged with a medium kid in front, a smaller kid between the next two adults, and a woman at the rear with a toddler tied onto her back hanging over the rear wheel. The perfect family transportation.
  • Our muscular builder walking down the road holding hands with another man, a sign of friendship, not anything weird.
  • A bright blue fluttering kingfisher . . .[and a few others]

My favorite line [after hearing drums all night]: “better drums than guns . . .”

Then Myrhe writes about three lives she is helping save: “Why I keep going.

. . . The third is Birungi Suizen, age 4 1/2. I posted his picture last week, when his pitiful condition made me weep. Today I wept when his sweet spirit surfaced. He’s been admitted now for a few weeks, against all odds still alive. Like a chameleon, he peeled off his sickly scabby skin and a new layer is emerging from within. For the first time he’s sitting, and I found him eagerly sipping the milk his mother fed him from a spoon. Every day I give him a piece of candy which he grabs, my assurance of his mental alertness. Today I held out my closed fists, and instead of one piece I had enclosed two. He chose the right hand, and I turned over my fist to reveal the two pieces of candy on my palm. Two! He looked at them, and at me. Then he slowly took one in one hand, and took the other and handed it to his mother. I wanted to cry again. This tiny suffering person was ready to share his first bounty, not to horde but to give. He is barely alive, his years of malnutrition and neglect have to have impaired his intelligence, but he understands love.

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