Biblical Studies on the Web in February (almost all of it)

Kevin Wilson of Blue Chord has graciously sifted through all the web entries in biblical studies and selected a few notable ones from the month of February.

I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate these Carnivals.

My own observation (from the blogs I follow in Google reader) is reflected in this carnival. February was a rather light month. The big event in the blogosphere was the hacking and deleting of Jim West’s website. The posting of Karen Jobes’s article on translations also generated a couple of good posts (I had noted the ones by Hobbins a few weeks ago.)

Zondervan posted an article by Karen H. Jobes entitled “Bible Translation as Bilingual Quotation”. They issued an open invitation to bloggers to respond to the article and several took up the challenge. Jim Getz at Kethubim criticized the article in his post “How to Lie with Statistics: Bible Translation Edition”. At Ancient Hebrew Poetry, John Hobbins wrote two pieces in response: “Karen Jobes Squares Off against the Essential Literalists” and “Defining Faithful Translation: Why Jobes is Only Half Right”. The Epistle of Thomas joined the discussion with “Verbosity in English Translations”. Wayne Leman at Better Bibles Blog has a short discussion that contains links to some additional posts on Jobes’s paper.

But there is much much more on a number of other biblical studies subjects.

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