News Flash: Kofi Annan takes a walk

True. This was the front page of the Standard today. I think the attention to this walk highlights how much of the country’s hopes are perceived to be hanging on what this one man can do.


If he pulls this off, he should be given another Nobel Peace Prize.

I saw the scene on TV last night. He starts to come out of the hotel, retreats back in then comes out again a few minutes later. Walks up to the microphones and says something to the effect that, “I’m just coming out to take a walk. I want to take a walk, and so I’m asking you to leave me alone. Is that okay?” (Christi noted how the question at the end is a very African way of being; something we really appreciate about many African cultures.)

Today he addressed an informal meeting of the parliament and hopes are high that he can come out with a solution in the next 48-72 hours. He is taking the negotiators to a secluded place out of Nairobi with a media blackout. This is what it looks like will be happening:

The possibility of a grand coalition government, independent committee to investigate last year’s General Election, electoral reforms, constitution, institutional judicial reforms and a political solution to be unveiled in the next few days.

Concerns raised in an editorial. What kind of power sharing?

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