More on-air brilliance

By popular demand, my friends Jackie, Nelson and Karita were back on the radio again today. Once again, they were brilliant.

Jackie encouraged people in mixed marriages who were struggling with recent events. Sadly, the situation seems to be stressing many marriages to the point that it is breaking up families.

Nelson outlined steps in the cycle of conflict, and encouraged Kenyans to focus on the things that unite them. Drawing on Genesis 50, Karita illustrated how Joseph and his brothers addressed the past, present, and future. If we are going to be reconciled, the truth must come out. Justice must be founded on truth, so let’s revisit our history, let’s bring it out. In the present, we must be willing to forgive. When people sit down and address the issues transparently, we can make significant progress. 

The interviewer was so moved, she was “visibly” speechless a couple of times.

Q: Who are the best placed people to do this kind of talking?
A: You and I are. We have to start with what is personal.

Q: Are we ready for this?
A: You have to start somewhere.

It takes time to build trust. You have to start by simply talking and building trust. 

Pastors have a specific responsibility to educate their congregations that everyone is made in the image of God. . . .People should be comfortable in your church regardless of what ethnic group they come from or who they voted for.

Our thinking must be changed, so that our words can reflect our new identity in Christ. Make your Christian story the primary story informing your other stories (see previous post.)  

Nelson concluded with a challenge to both Raila, who has at least one child married to a Kikuyu, and Kibaki who has worked so well with people from other ethnicities in the past to sit face-to-face and work things out..

Someone suggested that they become official analysts on mainstream media, and people were begging for a written manual. One person texted a message in, “WE NEED IT NOW!!” 

My summary doesn’t do them justice.

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