A mama intervenes to saves lives.

[This just posted by Njeri, a Kenyan student at NEGST. It’s from last week, which feels like a long time ago now, but it was just a short walk from campus.]

Clutching her daughter in her arms she took a step…towards the door, out the door, into the cold night and towards the men, who looked upon her with disdain (Mungiki after all believe that women should be seen not heard), but she plucked up her courage nonetheless and began to speak, to plead, to cajole, to beg for the lives of her neighbors. . .

. . . Lives were saved on that night last week…not by some strong warrior or clever negotiator, but rather by a simple mum who has heard enough hate talk, and seen enough violence, and decided ‘if I don’t do anything, who will?’

Read the whole story on Njeri’s blog.


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