Links of the Day – Biblical Studies

The perspective of the individual Gospels:

Michael Bird writes an interesting post on the place of the Gospels in Early Christianity. I find his view on Luke right on.

Luke as representing a form of post-Pauline Hellenistic Christianity that wants to remain in continuity with Jewish Christianity whilst maintaning [sic] its cosmpolitan [sic] vision in the Greco-Roman world and holding out hope that Israel may yet respond positively to the gospel and to the followers of Jesus.

It does seem like Luke is trying to walk this tightrope, particularly in Acts.

[N.B. seeing name guys like Bird post spellr errings gives me hope of a different kind 😉 .]

John Hobbins – on Systematic Theology and Biblical Exegesis concludes with this quote:

Theologians like to emphasize God unchanging faithfulness and go so far as to describe God as an unmoved Mover to make the point. That isn’t how the Bible describes God. God is profoundly moved by what we do, and do not do. That movement is the ultimate expression of divine faithfulness toward humankind.

Also from John, Tense and Mood Aspect in Biblical Hebrew [John I can’t even keep up reading you!!]

Translation: Since I am studying along with a bunch of translators, this debate caught my eye. Here and Here. I’m more with West on this one. [Warning note: Don’t be put off by his tone of voice, this is between “friends.”] Something gets lost in any translation. This is one reason students at NEGST are encouraged to do their personal Bible reading with a Greek/Hebrew Bible in one hand, and their mother-tongue (non-English) Bible in the other. (Though I doubt many actually do). All students in the translation program here take Greek and Hebrew.

On the other hand, not everyone has the knack or time to master the Greek and Hebrew. (It’s a lot of work over a long time.) We should at least be reading the Bible in another language to snap us out of our ruts. Let me add that some concepts from the original Hebrew and Greek can be expressed better in some African languages than they will ever be expressed in English or other “western” languages.

Scot McKnight continues his reviews of NT Wright’s Surprised by Hope. Wish I had the book.


2 thoughts on “Links of the Day – Biblical Studies

  1. Lingamish says:

    NEGST? Kenya? We’re practically neighbors! Thanks for the link and I look forward to reading through your archives.

  2. benbyerly says:

    Yes, and thanks to Jim West, I’ve been watching you. ;-). We are bound to run into each other sooner or later.

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