Everything you did (and didn’t) want to know about biblical studies on the web in January (Biblical Studies Carnival 26)

Kevin P. Edgecomb – biblicaliahas done a phenomenal job of referencing all the best posts for biblical studies in the month of January. For anyone doing biblical studies, this is required reading. My question is, were there any posts in here that Jim West hadn’t already read?

WARNING: Since I’m new to blogging and since most of my very few readers are poor innocents (or at least are from more dignified cultures) let me offer a few words of caution. The field of biblical studies is wild and woolly. For the un-initiated, it can be quite disturbing. Take it all with a grain of salt, and don’t take yourself too seriously. It’s a little like reading Jim West’s blog. He knows everything and can find anybody anywhere. You have to read him, BUT nearly every day . . . .

Nough said. Consider yourself duly warned and go forth and enjoy.

Edgecomb begins:

“I was going to use a rather humorous theme or artifice for this carnival, preceding every heading with “Jesus’” so as to have things like “Jesus’ Tomb Symposium,” “Jesus’ Seal Discovered,” and “Jesus’ Paragaogic Nun Discussion,” because it seems these days to be all the rage to claim that various things belong to Jesus: ossuaries, tombs, and whatnot; however, after reviewing the entries for the initial subject, with my levity dampened and diplomacy worn thin, my concern is to avoid making this field of studies any more of a laughingstock than it already is. If only that concern were universally shared!”

3 thoughts on “Everything you did (and didn’t) want to know about biblical studies on the web in January (Biblical Studies Carnival 26)

  1. Jim says:

    Ben, that’s sage advice buddy!

  2. benbyerly says:

    Wow you are quick!!!

  3. See, he does read everything first!

    Thanks for the compliment. It was a pleasure.

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