Uh Oh. Another opposition MP shot dead. Love triangle?

We aren’t sure what the details are yet. The police are saying it was over a private love triangle. Either way, the timing is not good.

The Daily Nation has just released the following:

The Orange Democratic Movement MP was shot dead in Eldoret by a policeman today, in what local security officials said was a love triangle. The policeman also shot a woman who was rushed to hospital. Eldoret police boss Muinde Kioko said their reports showed that “an officer had shot a civilian over a love triangle”. The incident took place shortly after 10am in the outskirts of Eldoret town. Mr Too is the second ODM MP to be shot dead in as many days following the murder of the Embakasi MP Mugabe Were on Wednesday morning. There is panic in Eldoret and Kericho towns as news of the MP’s death spread.


The ODM leaders have also addressed a press conference where they condemned the killing of the MP.

BBC quotes ODM leader Raila Odinga as saying to AFP “The second killing of an MP belonging to Orange Democratic Movement is part of a plot to reduce our majority in parliament,”

By the time you read this, details will be more clear. Already NYTimes

Links of the Day:

Vigilante Journalist reports on the violence in Kenya. [Warning disturbing photos.] Thanks to my old high school classmate Lars for this link. Check out his peacetiles for peace website.


One thought on “Uh Oh. Another opposition MP shot dead. Love triangle?

  1. B.J.Barry says:

    Hi Ben,

    I was reading an article on the BBC this morning comparing Kenya to Rwanda in 94. No comparison was the conclusion, which I agreed with. Still with the second supposed killing of and opposition MP today this violence is starting to look more and more organised.

    Here in Addis Ababa one has never seen so many bullet-proof black Mercs zooming around town. I hope these leaders have enough courage to keep Kenya at the top of the agenda and put plenty of pressure on the main parties involved. Maybe, just maybe this can be nipped in the bud, although I have many, many doubts, especially when you report what’s actually happening there on the ground.

    Gadafi had better watch his step also, as my daughters are SUPER mad with him as he’s taken over the swimming pool at the Sheraton for his tented village while he’s here in town. I pity him if they catch up with him!

    All this to say I wish you the best and don’t be shy to pop over here if the need arises.

    Your old Paris friend,


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