Making a difference

Three of my colleagues were on the radio for two hours today discussing ethnicity – the topic we’ve all been studying for the last year and a half. Karita, Jackie and Nelson did a phenomenal job, and there were so many questions, that they got asked to come back next week for a follow up session. They also got asked to produce a little booklet or manual that pastors and other leaders can use. We had already talked about doing something like this.

We had no idea how relevant the subject would be when we started studying it. Maybe I can do a post or two on it when the situation here calms down.

2 thoughts on “Making a difference

  1. B.J.Barry says:

    Hi Ben,

    what station is this on and is there any chance of hearing it over here in Ethiopia??



  2. benbyerly says:

    Sorry. It’s Hope FM in Nairobi (it’s the main Christian station in Nairobi), and has quite a listening audience. They have a website, but I can never get the audio feed to work.

    The beauty of the whole presentation is that my friends doing the presentation are Kikuyu, Luo, and Luyha.

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