Links of the Day

Believe it or not, the world is getting better . . . at least with regard to poverty, health and peace. (We’ll leave the question of morality for another day.) Thanks to Michael Kruse for pointing out this Economist article.

Check out Kruse’s final (of 25) post in his series on “Living Simply in Abundance.” He gives eight thoughts worth thinking about.

Jesus Creed’s weekly meanderings. (A weekly favorite with thanks for the next two links.)

There are too many PhDs. (And I’m trying to become one more.) This is however one of the reasons I’ve chosen to do mine here.

Liberian ex-warlord “Butt Naked” confesses to 20,000 deaths.


2 thoughts on “Links of the Day

  1. Søren Holst says:

    Too many PhD’s? Aw, you migh have told me a couple of years ago 🙂

    What’s that dissertation on?


  2. benbyerly says:

    I knew that going in. I had seen too many PhDs doing work totally unrelated to their studies.

    My dissertation is on the restoration eschatology of Acts.

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